Child dies over alleged sexual assault by pedophile

March 2014

Sukabumi, West Java (ANTARA News) – An 11-year old boy (US) died at his home in Citamiang Subdistrict, West Jawa, last February for an alleged sexual assault by pedophile Emon, who was arrested recently for serial sexual abuses, the victims aunt Ya said.

“When he came home from a trip to Citamiang hot spring US complained his bottom part was hurt. A few days later the child could not go to the toilet, his body temperature was also rising. We took him to the hospital for a few days but decided to take alternative medication due to lack of money to pay the hospital,” Ya said here on Sunday.

According to Ya, she had reported the case to the local police and wished that the police would investigate it.

Meanwhile Sukabumi police Precinct chief Senior Adjunct Commissioner Hari Santoso said he will investigate the death of US and see whether the incident was related to a sexual assault.

On Saturday, Indonesians were surprised by the news of Emon or AS, a citizen of Citamiang Subdistrict, West Java province, who was allegedly conducted sexual assaults on 51 little boys in his neighborhood.

The Sukabumi district police is still investigating the case including gaining evidence from the victims. Emon is now being detained at the Sukabumi Police Precinct cell. In investigating the case, the Sukabumi police is coordinating with the Child Protection Commission (KPAI) officers.